Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And the work begins....

I know it has been WAY too long since I have updated. So I will fill this one up with pictures of the house progress. So for the past 3 weekends, we (that includes Jason, my sister, Bob-in-law and my mom) have cleaned up the front and back yard, put together patio furniture, taken up tack strip, removed a medicine cabinet and the list keeps going. It has been so much fun working on the house. I am ready to live there:) THANK YOU family for all your help!!!

oops....I was tired from watching them work:)

So I decided to paint the Utility (closet) Fuchsia! I know it is a loud color, but I think it will excited me to do the laundry. Also it is next to our kitchen which is Vert Olive (or green). No Kojie jokes. I just happen to like that combination more than Blue and Yellow:)

Bob working the camera.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to Mrs. Traci Duty...she won the American Idol contest at her School last Friday!!! She has been singing every week for I think the past 8 weeks. She was AWESOME!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Adventure

That's right to all 5 of you who read my blog, Jason and I are going on a new adventure. We bought and closed on a house Monday! Yippee, hooray!

I still can't believe we have our very own home. It's been a great experience. We only looked at one house (that is because I had obsessively weeded them down on the Internet for the past 3 months). We had a good friend from church, Jason O'Quinn, be our Realtor/mortgage man. Shout out to Jason, you are awesome!

And most importantly, we stayed in budget.

We aren't moving into it just right away. It needs just a little bit of updating, i.e. floors, paint and some fun stuff like that. The house was built in 1960 so it has been around for a while. But that is why we love it, it has such great character and TREES! Being from Abilene I didn't know what a real tree was. Jason is from East Texas and he does. We have always wanted a magnolia tree. When we went to see the house for the first time, Guess what was in the front yard....

A house warming present from God. Thank you God for our magnolia tree.

Here are some pictures of the house. The pictures have the previous home owners stuff in it but it will give you a good idea.

You better believe that the home owner left the Christmas wreath for us.

Here is the kitchen.

Back patio...this will be our favorite spot in the Spring and Fall.

This is looking from the kitchen into the family room.

We hadn't been in the house but 15 minutes on Monday and Jason was already on the roof cleaning out the gutters. That is a good sign that he is OK with doing all the dirty work.

We even have already had our first house guests. The Fabulous Duty's!

This is their natural reaction of course.

Well there it is, our first home. If you ever feel bored on the weekends, give me a call. I will definitely have something for you to paint, clean, scrape, pull up, mow...I mean the list goes on. But if you just want to stop by and say hello, that will be just fine too.
Stay tuned for remodel pictures!

First Monday on a Saturday with the girls.

This past Sat. I and 3 other lovely ladies ventured out to East Texas to First Monday in Canton. It was such a fun day! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! And the fair food was delicious, except for the Cherry limeaid I got that tasted like a hot dog. Not sure what happened there. I am not an avid Canton shopper so I was a bit overwhelmed. We managed to fill Mauri's "Canton Cart". Thank you again Mauri for brining it!

There were a couple great finds of the day...

1. Traci found this amazing Tiger head.

2. Jamie found this really awesome cowboy purse.

3. Probably the best find of all...the Jesus puppet. All the other puppets had crazy faces and looked silly. Not Jesus, he was all business.

We had such a good day eating, talking and shopping. I am bringing a U-Haul next time to bring it all home!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

San Fran Vaca (translates to San Fransisco Vacation)

Well Jason and I took a little trip this past weekend to the lovely San Fransisco, CA. We had a great trip and it was the perfect place to site see and relax. Jason and I had a VERY hard week last week. So this was the perfect way to celebrate it being over.

We did a lot of walking. That is actually an understatement. We walked to the Golden gate bridge thinking it wasn't that far. Ha! We will never do that again. We will drive there next time. It was a nice walk there, but once we got there we realized we had to walk back. Oops. We were making memories:)

Over all it was a great adventure and we had a blast just soaking up the California air and all the weirdos. I mean they grow like grass over there:) We actually had a homeless man pretend he was a bush and jump/screamed out at us. Jason screamed like a little girl. It was so funny and so scary all at the same time. Jason gave him some money for being creative.

China Town

This is how we spent most of the first day...figuring out which way the map went.

This was by far the best breakfast I have ever had! It was Delicious in so many ways.

Jason and those crazy seals.


Our romantic dinner in North Beach at a restaurant suggested by our friends the Galyean's. (thank you!)

Hanging out at Alcatraz

We did as much free stuff as we could and one of those was a free video game museum. It was neat and weird all at the same time. They had some really old games. This is one that Jason insisted I try.

This mini Vaca was fabulous! We are about to go on another adventure...I will blog about that soon.