Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know these pictures may be a little weird but they represent the scariest/most exciting day of my life.

So yesterday mid-morning I was hanging out at home like any good unemployed house wife does. When someone knocked on the door and rang the door bell. I typically act like I'm not home and mute the TV hoping that they will go away. Well, this person kept knocking and kept ringing the doorbell. It started to scare me a bit but I really thought they might have the wrong house. About 10 minutes later, they left. Whew, I was so glad they were gone. So then I walked into the kitchen to see that same truck was now driving through the alley. Yikes!! Why would they do that? So I call Jason to tell him what is going on. He tells me to call the police, but in the back of my mind I didn't think it was a big deal and I didn't want to bother the police (I know, I'm stupid). So I hang up with Jason and start walking to the living room when they start knocking and ringing the doorbell AGAIN!! Now I start freaking out and I call Jason again. He has already gotten in the car and was heading my way. He told me NOT to answer the door and call the police. As he was saying this I saw them leave the front porch and head to the back gate! So I ran to the back bedroom and still did not call the cops because I couldn't find my phone.
Then all of a sudden I heard a several big bangs and a crunch...THEY WERE KICKING DOWN MY BACK DOOR! I don't know what fueled me but all I know is that I was not happy that they were getting in the house and breaking down the door. So I ran down the hall and through the kitchen and started yelling "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!?!". The guy was standing in the kitchen and he looked up at me and wide eyed said, "Umm...we have the wrong house." Then they ran away. I rushed to the front of the house to look at their car and try to get the plate numbers...but wasn't able to:(
For about 2 seconds I really thought they had the wrong house. I found my phone and immediately (and finally) called 911. When the dispatcher started asking me questions I realized that they were trying to break into the house. That's when I kind of lost it. Jason got there about 5 minutes after they had left and the cops showed up 20 minutes after that. My mom came over and stayed with me the rest of the day. I was VERY thankful she has a job that lets her leave when she needs to.
So that is the story in a nut shell and I know it might seem weird that is was also the most exciting day but it was. I had cops calling me all day to identify the car and the suspect. Then the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) came by to fingerprint me and the place. A detective came over today to do a line up and I successfully picked out the guy that they believe to be the one who has been caught in other crimes. Detective Logan said "I hope we are able to put this guy away for a long time.". It was such a movie line but it was exciting to help find the guy.
All in all is was a very scary experience and I wouldn't want to go through it again. But if there can be a lesson to learn through all of this, it would be to ALWAYS call the cops if someone you don't know is knocking on your door for 10 minutes. Maybe even for 5 minutes.
Praise God they didn't have a gun.

They had to print me.

This is the door after the whole day was done. NO ONE is getting in the back door.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"The Fair Comes in October" - Terry Booker

That's right folks, it's October and that means the Texas State Fair is in town. Now I grew up in Abilene as most of you know and the fair there is just a little different than the one here:) They are both fun and scary in their own way. The Abilene West Texas Fair brought the scary people to work it and the State Fair is just in one of the scariest parts of town. But that's part of the experience. The West Texas fair has it's own yummy food like their Aggie Fries. Delicious! But I will say that the State Fair has many more yummy treats. My absolute favorite would have to be the fried Marshmallows. Watch Out! It's the most wonderful treat you will ever eat. See the pictures below as I check to make sure they were still yummy. Jason and I made a game plan before we hit the fair and we decided to split all we ate and then eat Salty, then a Sweet. We started with their famous must have Corn dogs. Then we hit the fried Smores...unbelievable! The graham cracker was still crunchy! I can't keep writing about what we ate because I am getting hungry:) Let the pictures do the talking....

Jason checking out the car show.

Now this is the Official food winner of the fair. I was not too excited about trying it but it was very tasty.

The Fried Marshmallow.

Free Ice Cream in the Food Market.

Fried Grilled Cheese. This was very very good!

Jason insisted that we go to the dog show.

The Borden Milk Cow. Thanks for the ice cream Elsie!

See you next week! That's right, we are going back for more.

I would also like to give a shout out to my Blog designer Mrs. Ashley Wilson! Thanks for the awesome Blog!!!