Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What a amazing city! I want to say that first. This was such a fun trip and if you haven't been to Chicago book you a ticket now! We had a blast and as you will notice...ate some really yummy food. Chicago is everything that NYC isn't, Clean & Friendly.

We did the museum thing....6 museums in 3 days. We are nerdy like that:)

This was the Field museum. It has the largest T-Rex in the world. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE dinosaurs. Ever since Jurassic Park in the 7th grade I've had a hidden obsession. The museum was really neat.

It had an "Underground" exhibit with bugs and stuff. We took it up a notch and made our own fun.

I Heart Dinos!

Jason enjoying a delicious Chicago style Hot Dog.

This was such a yummy stop!

My Boss is from Chicago and recommended that we eat here. This was our Anniversary dinner and it definitely did not disappoint!

The Chocolate cake was ginormous!

This next pic was probably the highlight of the trip. This breakfast stop was recommended by some friends of ours and this was the best advice we took the whole trip! I would consider myself a cinnamon roll expert, and I think I found my number one choice. Words CANNOT describe how crazy delicious these were. Just trust me on this one.

Art Institute

Millennium Park

Top of the John Hancock building

Science and Industry Museum

Our last meal before we came home...Giordano's pizza. This was probably my favorite out of the 3 pizza places we went to.
We were pretty sad our trip had come to an end:(

We had such a great trip celebrating 3 years of marriage! Chicago was good to us and we plan on going back many more times...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy 3 years of wedded bliss......

and we are off to Chicago to celebrate!