Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 Years Already?!

That's right folks, yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe how fast time flies!
My sweet husband sent me some of my favorite flowers to work. He did such a good job:) We went to dinner at the restaurant we had our very first date, Patrizio's. So yummy and very romantic. Except on our first date he drove me crazy. We laughed last night how much we got on each others nerves that night and now we are married! God works in mysterious ways!

This is what Jason made for me last year. It is a lamp. He had me answer some questions and then he answered the same ones. Then he hung them up on the lamp. Pretty sweet if you ask me, I might be a little bias.
He hasn't finished my gift for this year, but I bet it is something special too. He has been working on it for a couple of months. I will definitely post about it when I get it.

My sweet husband wrote our wedding vows, and they are beautiful! A while after we were married he made this frame with them printed out. The frame hangs over our bed and we are able to see and read them all the time. He did such a good job and to bring them to life is even more special.

I am not very good with traditions but I try. So every anniversary (there have only been 2) we take a picture and hold up the year. We look forward to the years we have to hold up our toes too:)

This is the picture from last year. Talk about some awesome hair. You can tell we have changed a little in one year:)

Well two anniversaries down many many more to come!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Baby!!

We had a shower this weekend for Thompson and baby Caden. It was such a fun shower and Mama got so much fun stuff! It was fun seeing old friends and their cute babies!

Here are my college roomies.

One of the cutest babies at the shower, Miss Laney Kate. What a doll! She was so good, not one little cry came from her mouth and she hadn't had a nap yet. She's got a good mama:)

Here are the Hostesses with the Mostesses.

Laura, Meredith and me...Meredith and I are about to become neighborhood neighbors soon. More on that later:)

This is another cutie, Miss Camden Jaye! She is so funny. I love when she growls...she has been doing that since she was about 7 months old. I think her daddy taught her that.

Over all it was a great weekend filled with friend and family time. What a blessing!

Someone had a birthday....

and that would be my sweet and handsome and loving and funny and old husband. He's not really old, I just say that because it makes him mad:) He turned the big 30 on Friday! He had a total of 4 birthday cakes over last week. He was a little spoiled, but that is what birthdays are all about:)

In his Bithday card I wrote out "30 things I love about you" and here are a couple...

I love to watch him Laugh at Rob & Big.
I love that he is an Eagle Scout (he is hand when it comes to trying knots).
I love how kind hearted he is.
I love that he knows nothing about TV.
I love his patience (especially for me).

Those are just a couple, but the list goes on for more than 30....Here's to 30 more years with you Babe!