Friday, July 16, 2010


This blogging thing has been on the back burner now for about, hmmm, 3 months now:) I have SO many pictures I want to post of my little guy but uploading pictures takes FOR-EV-ER! By the time I start "someone" wakes up from their nap and decides it's time to eat. And then I decide after that it's time for a nap. Then the cycle repeats...but here I am a new woman trying to be better at this blogging thing.
We love our little nugget SO much and have enjoyed every minute of him! We are still able to take time for ourselves while we share him with our family. We have AWESOME babysitters...CoCo, Aunt LaLa and Grandma Gina!

Holt's First 4th of July!

Jason is such an AWESOME dad! He has really taken on this new role so well and I LOVE to watch him talk/play/read with Holt.

Oh, and I turned 30 on the 6th...

I hope to be better at this blog and with Holt being a good boy and taking good naps I should be:)