Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics 2008 + Friends = Awesome party!

I know I am late on this post but it's how I am operating right now....slow. Anyway, Jason and I hosted the Duty's vision for an awesome Olympics Opening ceremony party. I am a much bigger fan of the Summer Olympics over the Winter ones. I got so in to it this year. Which was kind of easy seeing that I don't have a job. So I told Jason I would make it my job to make sure I was able to give him a full report on those day's events. He sure is lucky that I had all that extra free time:)
Traci had been planning this party in her head for a while now and I am just thankful I could help pull it off. We had everyone pick a country in which they also had to bring a food dish from. We also encouraged everyone to dress up like their country or an athlete. We had such a fun group of people and everyone participated. The food was a little random but definitly delicious. From Sushi and Fried rice to Swedish meatballs and bratwurst.

The table...we had flags to represent where the food had come from. The sad part was we had a hard time knowing what each flag was. I think Bermuda

The Participants and their country.

The Depauw's and their little Olympic torch were the USA.

The Wilson's and their Gold metal Costumes. They represented Japan.

The Duty's were Ikea workers from Sweden.

Matt and Julie (the Newlyweds) were Mexico.

Nick and Hannah were French men. They won the Silver medal for their awesome costume.

Since Jason and I hosted the party, we were the host country and ping pong players.

Jamie and Steven brought Pizzas from Italy but came as Paul and Morgan Hamm. It was just sad that the Hamm brothers were injured and couldn't compete.

These crazy islanders came from Bermuda.

It was such a great party and it helped that the openig ceremonies were awesome too! We are already looking forward to the party in 2012 for the London games.