Monday, June 9, 2008

Girls Weekend!

This past weekend I got together with a group of some of my most favorite people in the world (that includes their offspring) High School girl friends. I have known some since Elementary school and the others since Middle school. We had such a good time just hanging out and talking about the good ol days and where we are now. We have all grown up but this weekend reminded me why we will always be friends.

Here's a recap on the girls and memories of them.....
I met Thompson in Reading when she sat in front of me and I asked her if she could grow her bangs out because I couldn't see the teacher. We have been friends for life since then. Even when her awesome truck she drove in High School required a pitcher of water before it would go anywhere. Thank you for all those rides home! She now has the sweetest and most precious baby boy Caden. What a good baby!! It's because he has such a good Mama:)

Next we have Mav or Ally or Mavy or Allyson. She answers to all of them:) I have known her for a very very long time. Our dads were friends in college. One of my favorite memories of her is from the 6th grade, she rocked the Mexican Pancho with a white turtle neck. But the best part was...she tucked that bad boy in. If only I had a picture. We also snuck out of her house one night in High School, she had just failed to mention to me that there was a deep hole right when you stepped out. Needless to say...we didn't make it very far. Mav is such a good and patient Mama and I loved getting to see her and her sweet Camden this weekend.

Next we have Molly or Moppy. We have been friends since the second grade (I think) at church. We have so many memories and funny situations it's hard to think of the best. But probably my favorite is when we were in maybe 6th or 7th grade. My dad took us to the fair. If you are from Abilene you know how awesome the West Texas fair is and how it rains on it every year. Molly and I had just gotten off the fairis wheel and we were running down the ramp. Molly had on a white ESPRIT shirt (I know it's weird that I can remember that) and as we got near the end of the ramp...Molly ate it! She went head first into the mud. I remember it like it was yesterday. The best part was, no one would give us napkins. Oh Memories.
We have been through a lot and you have definitely always added spice to my life.

Speaking of Spice, this picture is of Molly after eating a pepper...oops.

Sweet Laura, we have been friends probably since the 8th grade when she asked me to be on her soccer team. She was awesome and I was not. Laura was and is so much fun to be around. We always got into trouble. Some of my favorite times were chasing boys with Laura. She always caught them and I never really figured it out. It was so fun to be with her this weekend and getting to love on her sweet little girl Laney. I just hope they move to Dallas:)

Last but not least, Andrea the hostess with the mostess! She made this weekend so much fun. Her house was the perfect place to host our first girls weekend. We have been friends since the 8th grade also. We always had fun together. In High School we were the youngest of the group and couldn't take drivers ed until the summer. We found the cheapest place in town which was also a church/cult. It was a little sketchy but it was cheap. Andrea signed us up for our driving times. My favorite time was when she signed us up for 5am! Are you kidding me! I ran at least 3 red lights because I was so tired. But we still passed. The best part was she had already gotten a car before we went to drivers ed...she would drive us there sometimes. That's Abilene for you:) It was so fun getting to spend time with her this weekend and I can't wait to meet baby #2!!