Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanksgiving in London

I know that I am a tiny bit behind on my blogging, but at least I am still trying:)

Jason and I were able to take out "babymoon" or last major trip without babies to London over Thanksgiving. We both have friends over there right now so we thought, why not go visit them. And that is exactly what we did and made lots of fun memories in the mean time.
We started off the trip staying the weekend with Jason's friend Todd and his wife Rebecca outside London. Rebecca is from there so we were able to have a really unique experience. They took us out to Canterbury Cathedral (the book Canterbury Tales is written after, for those who care). It was a fun little road trip inside our big trip. There were very gracious host and took very good care of their jet lagged American friends.

English Candy....different but good.

Canterbury Cathedral

Thank you Todd and Rebecca!!

We spent the week in London with one of my bestest friends from college, Mrs. Audrey Lynn Johnson, her husband Taylor and her very German Shepherd Ruby. They were great host and took very good care of us.

One of the highlights of the trip was the picture below. For those who love Harry Potter like we do will appreciate this pic.

Trafalgar Square

St. James Park

Changing of the Guard

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral

Westminster Abby

Tower Bridge

The British Museum

This is a pub that has been around since 1634...CRAZY!

The night before we flew out, Audrey had made some American friends and they had us over for Thanksgiving. They also had a Sling Box and we watched the Cowboys play at 9 at night...weird but it felt very normal.

WE had such a good time and so thankful that we were able to share it with friends that live over there.

Next Adventure will keep us a little closer to home;)


annalee said...

oooh this made me want to go back to england big time! such a great babymoon, good work!