Monday, March 1, 2010

Watch out! It's raining Ugly Dolls!!!

This past weekend was my Church/Family shower...and what a shower it was. I am truly blessed with Amazing friends/sister (hostess pic: see below) who really out did themselves. They made me feel so special and so loved...and I know Holt felt it too.

Jason and I are doing Ugly Dolls in the nursery (Another blog coming shortly) and the girls used them to decorate the shower. Mrs. Traci Duty is an Elementary Art teacher, so she had all her second graders paints these...How fun it that?!?! And Traci is framing one of them for me to hang in the nursery. It was such a special touch to the day.

This is one of my favorite gifts. My sister-in-law had this made for us. It is his name with the meanings and scriptural blessings below. Such a neat gift!! We have it hanging outside his room.

The Hostess gift....LOVE IT! I just know him and Holt are going to be best buddies.

Mr. Potato Head shirt..Thanks Katie!

If you know me and the person who gave this to us sure does (Thanks Ashley)...then you know I LOVE ketchup!! I sure hope little guy does too...

All the fun presents!

These two ladies are like 2nd Moms to me so I guess that makes them Holt's 2nd grandmas:)

Holt's real Grandmothers...I know they are going to be the best!

What a great shower and I can't wait for Mr. Holt to meet all his new friends!


Shanta said...

Leigh Ann- you really hit the motherload! Those gifts took up the whole stairs! Man.. what a spoiled kid you're about to have. :)

I love the ugly doll art. That was awesome. Miss you guys!

Chels said...

YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!?? How much fun and how exciting for you and Katie! I love it! Now I'm following your blog....cant wait!

The Davis Daily said...

What a great shower! I love the framing of his name too! Can't wait for more posts. What is your due date again?

Sarah B said...

Good re-cap. Sending this link along to the friend who made the name frame. She just asked how you liked it :)

Kate said...

Looks like you got so much fun stuff! And I love your dress by the way! Baby Holt is already so loved.

Kaylane said...

Just wanted to say hi on here since I didn't get to hug you at Katie's shower!!! You look AWESOME and I am so excited for you and Booker! If you need anything just let me know!

Praying for a safe and healthy baby!

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Ugly dolls are good toys to display. Even though they have a weird look, people love them so much. I adore those kind of dolls.

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